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16 SEP 2007:

Tibetan Unicode Fonts: WoodBlock and dBuMed

Thanks to everybody who took advantage of the special discount pricing on the Woodblock and dbu-med typefaces! The new regular price is $29 USD for each additional face and each face can now be purchased separately - you don't need to own our Tibetan Language Kit first.

Tibetan is clearly our most popular product and we're redirecting efforts towards several different Tibetan fonts that have never been finished because of time constraints - lots of new ones on the way. Here's a quick look at some of them:

New Tibetan Typefaces

Several of these fonts will be just like our dbu-med offering in the sense that they will not support Sanskrit stacks. At least not initially. Ideally, we'd love to support all 900+ Sanskrit stacks but that's just not feasible without adequate samples and feedback. All of the standard, native Tibetan conjuncts will be supported.

Many of these fonts are spcialized and not intended for everyday use.

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