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09 JUL 2008:

Support for Unicode Burmese 5.1

The recent release of some significant changes to the Unicode 5.1 Burmese block has necessitated some important changes to our support for Burmese.

We have recently redeveloped support from the ground up for these changes in Burmese and have finished two of our nicer fonts — one text and one display face that will be available for all users in a single package for $59 USD.

Burmese Font Samples

You can order from our Burmese Language Kit page.

Some important additions include full suport for the Mon language and enhanced support for Burmese. If you're already familiar with Burmese or Mon keyboards, or if you're just feeling adventurous, you can go ahead and order now and receive the fonts and keyboards without documentation (but get it for free once it's available). Or, if you prefer, you can wait until the documentation is ready (check this site for updated information).

Unicode 5.1 also opens the door for additional languages like Mon (already supported in this new version) as well as several varieties of Shan and Karen. Our fonts include the necessary basic glyphs for both languages but advanced support and specialized shaping routines for Shan and Karen are not yet available.

We disagree with some of the changes made to the Unicode block for Burmese as there are still some ambiguities where the minority languages are concerned but we're working hard to support these important minority languages as well.

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