Cham Typeface Cham
Language Kit
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The Cham script is finally supported in Unicode so we've updated our beta support for this aesthetically pleasing writing system.

Cham Font Sample Text

This release of our Cham support also takes advantage of recent enhancements in several applications so that you can use our font with Adobe® InDesign® and Microsoft® Word®. This is in addition to native applications like Pages, Mail, TextEdit, Bean, etc. that use the Unicode rendering engine of OS X. For more information about compatibility issues, please visit this page.

Our support for Cham is limited to the modern language - this is only because Unicode has not included adequate support for the older, literary variety of Cham. The modern language doesn't use several character forms that are required in the older language. Nevertheless, our kit supports anything that can be written in the modern language.

Our Cham Language Kit currently includes only one font, modeled after a popular typeface in use in Vietnam, and a Cham keyboard driver. We have several other typefaces in development - if you’d like more information, please email us.


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