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Ethiopic Typeface Ethiopic
Language Kit
$19 USD

We’ve received many requests to support the Ethiopic (Ge’ez) script so we will be adding support for it in the near future.

We have yet to create our own Ethiopic font to form a complete kit but we have already constructed a pseudo-phonetic keyboard driver to use with some of the Unicode Ethiopic fonts already available on a Macintosh (most of these are TrueType fonts designed for Windows). One of the better ones out there is called GF Zemen Unicode and the character in the graphic above comes from it.

Our Ethiopic-QWERTY keyboard driver is available free of charge to interested parties.You can read the some basic information about how to use our Ethiopic-QWERTY driver. We think this keyboard layout will help simplify access to the wide variety of Ethiopic syllables that can occur.

Naturally, we’re interested in feedback from you too.