Limbu Typeface Limbu [Kirati]
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XenoType Technologies is the first to provide Unicode support for the Limbu script (also known as Kira[n]ti or Sirijunga) on any computing environment. The Limbu script is used to write Limbu, a minority language spoken predominantly in Nepal and parts of India.

Limbu Font Sample Text

There are several Limbu fonts available on the Internet but our support includes a new font, designed from scratch to match the overall look and feel of the base font provided in most of our products while still maintaining the unique characteristics of the script.

The latest version supports Adobe® InDesign® and Microsoft® Word® under OS X and most applications under Windows and is fully compatible with Unicode 5.2.

This unique script has gone through some changes in the past few decades but it is once again becoming a viable means of communication for Limbu speakers. There is currently work in progress to establish an online resource for Limbu materials to help preserve the language, its heritage and future development.


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