Sinhala Typeface Sinhala
Language Kit
$49 USD


We’re pleased to announce the first intelligent Unicode product for Sinhala on a Macintosh. This first version supports proper literary forms for Sinhala because we think it's important that Sinhala support be comprehensive and suitable for all purposes. If there's sufficient demand, we'll provide support for modern forms, even though some of these are frowned upon.

Pali Font Sample Text

The Sinhala Language Kit also supports the Pali language (sample text below) when written in the Sinhalese script.

The proper display of modern Sinhala requires several advanced typographic features like graphic transposition and a large number of ligatures. The premier version of our Sinhala Unicode font takes advantage of Unicode and Apple’s advanced typography to make all of these necessary transformations for you. The implementation of Pali requires additional features which are also included in our kit.

With an appropriate Unicode-compatible application, you can use our Sinhala support to produce lots of different types of documents, including emails, web pages, standard text documents and lots more.

The Sinhala Language Kit from XenoType Technologies includes one font and a phonetic keyboard layout. A second layout that supports the basic Helawadana keyboard will also be available to registered users shortly.


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