Tibetan Typeface Tibetan Ornamental
Font Pack
$29 USD


The Tibetan Ornamental Font Pack is one of our newest offerings for Tibetan and contains two fonts, illustrated below.

The first one, XenoType TB HorYig, is a modern version of an older Mongolian alphabet and can be seen in a variety of contexts, generally as an ornamental face on various products. The HorYig font contains support for foreign syllables and can handle Sanskrit as well (like our base font and our Woodblock style font). The second font, XenoType TB sPungs Chen, is based on calligraphic examples and currently only supports native Tibetan stacks.

Horyig Tibetan Font Sample
sPungs Chen Tibetan Font Sample

An dbu-med font and a woodblock font as well as our new Drepung font are also available as separate add-ons.


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