Tibetan Language Kit
for Windows XP

Tired of waiting for Unicode Tibetan support?

Need a reliable cross-platform solution for your Tibetan needs?

Windows XP users can now take advantage of Unicode and create all sorts of Unicode documents with the Tibetan Language Kit for Windows XP from XenoType Technologies. We've worked long and hard to create an intelligent Unicode solution for Tibetan and we've been providing Unicode Tibetan support for Macintosh users for more than fifteen years. But now, with the latest release of the Uniscribe engine, Windows XP users can take advantage of our experience with our first cross-platform product — Macintosh and Windows support in a single font file.

Tibetan Explorer

A sample Tibetan web page in Microsoft's Internet Explorer.


How It Works

Our Tibetan font uses the relevant technology under Windows XP and Macintosh OS X to display the typographic requirements of the Tibetan script. With Unicode as the basis, we've created the necessary intelligence to display Tibetan properly in compatible applications — just enter Tibetan characters in the correct order and our kit will take care of everything else.

And since we've packed all the necessary information into a single file (and well under one megabyte), our font is the perfect solution for people and organizations that use Windows and OS X.

A Dzongkha document with Tibetan characters.

A phonetic style keyboard, aimed at users who are familiar with a standard QWERTY-style arrangement, is also included. Other keyboard drivers for Tibetan and Dzongkha can be found on the Internet.

Tibetan Keyboard

With our font and an appropriate application, you can send emails, create or view web pages, plain text documents and lots more.

Why buy from us?

Why purchase from us when there are a few free Unicode Tibetan fonts out in the world already? Ours is the only font that can be used on the Macintosh or Windows and your purchase helps fund the development of new fonts. Our support currently includes one classic font but we're working on these as well:


System Requirements

You must have a current version of the Uniscribe engine in order to make use of intelligent Unicode Tibetan support. The Uniscribe engine is part of Windows XP and Microsoft Office products and is not distributed separately. The only way to obtain this file is through an appropriate Office product or Windows XP upgrade. We cannot provide this file to you.

before you order, make sure you have version 1.0471 or higher of the Uniscribe engine. You can do this by running the application System Information. Click Start | All Programs | Accessories | System Tools | System Information. Once System Information loads, expand the item Software Environment and click on Loaded Modules.

Now scroll down until you find the file usp10.dll and note the version. If you have more than one entry for usp10.dll, you likely have one version installed as part of Windows and another for use with Office applications.

If you have more than one entry and at least one of them is version 1.0471, you'll need some additional help to use Tibetan consistently across Office products and Windows. Please contact us for additional information before you order.


Although Unicode is not new, only recently has it become such a visible part of computing, especially where foreign scripts are concerned. And, while many applications recognize Unicode text, only a percentage of them currently know how to display scripts like Tibetan properly.

As international computing becomes more and more prevalent, users can expect software developers to begin supporting additional Unicode scripts. But for many users, there's no reason to wait any longer — there are already several applications available now that know how to handle Tibetan.

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